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Style: Long Ring - 57.1" x 32.7" / 145cm x 83cm


light: Warm Light (3000K)


Ethereal Glow Modern Chandelier

Elevate any space into a realm of mesmerizing warmth and sophistication with our Ethereal Glow Modern Chandelier. Crafted to radiate elegance, this exquisite piece, named the Louisa Chandelier, features transparent blown glass shades delicately poised on a sleek black metal frame, evoking a poetic bubble-like allure. Whether gracing a private sanctuary or illuminating a grand hotel lobby, this chandelier seamlessly blends illumination with enchantment, creating an ambiance of timeless allure.


    • Modern Minimalist Design: Embrace a fusion of style and simplicity with this chic lamp, perfectly suited for a variety of homes.
    • Fashionable Warmth: Radiating warmth and vivacity, the Louisa Chandelier adds a touch of contemporary flair to any setting.
    • Energy-saving LED Lights: Choose between two different light modes - white and warm white - while enjoying the eco-friendly benefits of energy-efficient LED technology.
    • Adjustable Height: Tailor the chandelier's placement to your preference with its adjustable wire, allowing for customizable hanging heights.
    • Long-lasting LEDs: With an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, these 60W LEDs ensure enduring brilliance and uniform illumination.

    How to Operate:

    1. Ceiling Suspension: Hang the chandelier from the ceiling using the provided hardware for a traditional chandelier look.
    2. Wall Mount Option: Alternatively, utilize the included brackets to mount the chandelier onto the wall for a unique lighting accent.
    3. Easy Plug-In: Simply plug the chandelier into any electrical socket to effortlessly illuminate your space.


    • Long Ring: 57.1" x 32.7" / 145cm x 83cm
    • Linear (1): 35.4" x 11.8" / 90cm x 30cm
    • Linear (2): 47.2" x 11.8" / 120cm x 30cm
    • Ring (1): 11" / 28cm
    • Ring (2): 15.8" / 40cm
    • Ring (3): 19.7 " / 50cm
    • Circular (1): 33.5" x 10.2" / 85cm x 26cm
    • Circular (2): 33.5" x 10.2" + 33.5" x 10.2" / 85cm x 26cm + 85cm x 26cm
    • Circular (3): 47.2" x 10.2" / 120cm x 26cm

    Elevate your space with the captivating allure of the Louisa Chandelier, where modern sophistication meets timeless elegance.