Buy Whole Black Brass Panel Plate

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Size: 1Gang 2Way


Voltage|Standard: 110V | US Standard


Elegance Illuminated: Whole Black Brass Panel Plate for Upscale Homes & Hotels

Elevate your space with our Whole Black Brass Panel Plate LED Dimmer GFCI 15V USB Socket. Crafted with sophistication in mind, this premium toggle switch combines functionality with style, ideal for both home and hotel settings. Designed to meet American Standard specifications, it seamlessly integrates into any environment, offering convenience and luxury at your fingertips. Illuminate your space and power up your devices with unparalleled elegance.


  • LED Dimmer: Control the ambiance with adjustable lighting.
  • GFCI 15V USB Socket: Safely power up your USB devices with built-in protection.
  • Toggle Switch: Effortlessly toggle between settings for ease of use.
  • Whole Black Brass Panel Plate: Sleek and durable design for long-lasting elegance.
  • American Standard: Compliant with industry standards for reliable performance.
  • 110V: Suitable for standard voltage requirements.
  • 3-way Switch: Versatile functionality for various lighting configurations.


  • Standard 118 size

Transform your living space with the unparalleled craftsmanship and customization of our Handcrafted Brass Switch Panel. Elevate your home or office décor with a touch of sophistication and individuality.