Buy Tranquil Incense Burner Table Lamp

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Color: A
Size: 19.2" x 4.7" x 15.3" / 49cm x 12cm x 39cm


Tranquil Incense Burner - Bringing Calmness and Quiet to Your Space

Description: Introducing the Tranquil Incense Burner, a two-in-one table lamp and incense burner designed to introduce tranquility and quiet into your space. With a diffused LED ring framing antique art, this burner creates a meditative atmosphere enhanced by the backflow of incense smoke. Crafted with a ceramic base and metal frame, it adds an attractive touch to any home or office decor. The Tranquil Incense Burner is the perfect gift for anyone who values calmness, peace, and tranquility.


  • Beautiful Handcrafted Details: The Tranquil Incense Burner features beautifully handcrafted miniature details for added elegance.
  • Built-in Lights: With built-in lights, this burner further enhances its beauty, providing a soothing ambiance.
  • Energy-Saving LED Light: Enjoy energy-efficient illumination with the integrated LED light, perfect for long-lasting use.
  • Easy Disassembly: The snap-on structure allows for easy disassembly, making maintenance hassle-free.
  • 2-in-1 Design: Functioning as both a lamp and an incense burner, it offers versatility and functionality in one.
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: The Tranquil Incense Burner helps reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and calmness.
  • Increased Focus: Create a conducive environment for focus and concentration, enhancing productivity and mindfulness.
  • Space Purification: Purify your space and cleanse the air with the soothing aroma of incense.

How to Operate:

  1. Place the Tranquil Incense Burner on any surface like a desk or shelf to infuse your space with tranquility.
  2. Plug it into any electrical socket for power supply.
  3. Use the attached button to turn on the burner and enjoy its calming effects.


  • 19.2" x 4.7" x 15.3" / 49cm x 12cm x 39cm