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Style: A - 1 Head - 7.1″ x 18.1″ / 18cm x 46cm


Plug: US Plug


BirdLight - Elegant Swallow Lamps

Bring home the best birds in town with none of the work! These Swallow lamps are just gorgeous - both when the light is turned on and when it's turned off. You don't just want a light that only looks good when it's on! Our BirdLight can sit effortlessly in your room, providing light when you need it and a beautiful room fixture when you don't. Part lighting fixture and part decorative accent, the BirdLight is a great option for rounding out your space with a punch of style.

Here's why the BirdLight stands out:

  • Acrylic Lampshade: Crafted with high-quality acrylic lampshade for a soft and diffused glow.
  • Zinc Alloy Lamp Body: Designed with a durable zinc alloy lamp body for longevity and elegance.
  • Adjustable Modeling Angle: Customize the angle of the lamp to suit your space and preference, adding versatility to your decor.
  • Different Styles: Choose from various styles to match your aesthetic and complement your interior design effortlessly.

Operating the BirdLight is a breeze:

  1. Place it on any surface like a vase to instantly elevate your room's ambiance.
  2. Alternatively, use the included brackets to securely screw it onto the wall for a unique wall fixture.
  3. Simply plug it into any electrical socket to illuminate your space with style and grace.


  • A - 1 Head: 7.1″ x 18.1″ / 18cm x 46cm
  • B - 2 Heads: 7.1″ x 20.9″ / 18cm x 53cm
  • C - 1 Head: 9.4″ x 18.9″ / 23.8cm x 48cm

Add a touch of whimsy and sophistication to your home with the BirdLight, where functionality meets exquisite design in perfect harmony.