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Size: 2 Heads - 36.6" x 16.9" / 93cm x 43cm


Sunburst Chandelier - A Real Show-Stopper That Lends Elegance to a Variety of Settings

A Real Show-Stopper That Lends Elegance to a Variety of Settings

The Sunburst Chandelier adds a touch of mid-century modern style to your house and is a chic replacement for traditional lighting fixtures. Its high-quality iron construction and design of intersecting slender rods make up the bulk of the frame with lights at their ends enabling the light to radiate without glare and evenly in all directions. The Sunburst comes in a range of head styles and has a gorgeous brass gold finish that gives it an opulent appearance. It is a semi-flush mounted chandelier and offers a stylish and timeless way to brighten up your space.


  • Versatile Mounting: Mount to any ceiling or surface and enjoy soft, evenly distributed lighting.
  • Durable Design: Temperature and fade-resistant for long-lasting use.
  • Fashionable and Vivacious: Adds warmth and style to any space.
  • Safe Use: Non-toxic and durable paint ensures safety and longevity.
  • Compatible Bulbs: Looks great when lit with LED or Incandescent bulbs.
  • High-Quality Lighting: 90-260V for even and bright illumination.


  1. Mounting Options: Install it from the ceiling or screw it onto the wall using the included brackets.
  2. Power Source: Plug into any electrical socket to turn it on.


  • 2 Heads: 36.6" x 16.9" / 93cm x 43cm
  • 4 Heads: 36.6" x 19.7" / 93cm x 50cm
  • 6 Heads: 36.6" x 22.8" / 93cm x 58cm
  • 8 Heads: 36.6" x 26" / 93cm x 66cm