Buy Sibyl Round Chandelier

Sale price$1,397.77

Size: F Crystal - 23.6" / 60cm


Emitting Color: Warm White (3000K)

Emitting Color

Elevating Atmospheres with Effortless Sophistication

Behold the Sibyl Round Chandelier, a striking centerpiece tailored for spaces graced by lofty ceilings. With its chrome finish and two tiers of crystals, this chandelier exudes glamour in diverse settings. In essence, it's a luminaire that harmonizes seamlessly with any décor style! Whether suspended in your living room or adorning your dining table, its modern glam aesthetic effortlessly crafts a grand focal point in your home.


  • Captivating Design: Crafted to captivate attention and draw admiration in any space.
  • Modern Elegance: A beacon of modern elegance and radiant charm, perfect for enhancing any room.
  • Luxurious Illumination: Enchants with strategic illumination, melding metal and crystals for enduring luxury.
  • Versatile Adaptability: Reflects light fluidly, seamlessly adapting to diverse décor styles.
  • Long-Lasting Brilliance: Features efficient LEDs with a 50,000-hour lifespan for lasting brilliance.
  • Consistent Lighting: Operates on 110-240V, ensuring consistently bright and even lighting.

How to Operate:

  1. Chandelier Installation: Hang it from the ceiling like a traditional chandelier.
  2. Mounting Bracket: Install the mounting bracket to the electrical box for secure placement.
  3. Junction Box: Includes a junction box for convenient and safe mounting.


  • Small: 23.6" / 60 cm
  • Medium: 31.5" / 80 cm
  • Large: 39.4" / 100 cm