Buy Rafahia Glass Crystal Chandelier

Sale price$796.30

Style: Round - 18.8" x 7.8" / 48cm x 20cm - 30W


Emitting Color: Cool White (6000K)

Emitting Color

Radiant Elegance Crystal Chandelier

Experience modern sophistication and luminous delight with our luxury Rafahia Crystal Chandelier, designed for both living rooms and bedrooms. Crafted from exquisite Glass Crystal, this chandelier exudes elegance, elevating any space with its sparkling allure. Whether it's brightening up your room or setting the mood for a special occasion, indulge in the captivating ambiance created by this stunning piece.


  • Adds a timeless and chic element to your space
  • Ideal for brightening rooms, casting a captivating and sparkling ambiance
  • Enhance rooms with glass constructed elegant design
  • Enjoy versatile and sparkling diffused lighting, perfect for any mood or occasion
  • Impressive longevity with an operational life of 50,000 hours
  • 90-260V LEDs for a consistently bright illumination

How to Operate:

  • Hang it from the ceiling like a chandelier
  • Alternatively, screw it onto the wall with the included brackets
  • Plug into any electrical socket to turn it on


  • Small: 18.8" x 7.8" / 48cm x 20cm
  • Medium: 22.8" x 7.8" / 58cm x 20cm
  • Large: 30.7" x 7.8" / 78cm x 20cm
  • Linear: 35.4" x 10.2" / 90cm x 26cm