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Style: 4 Heads - White- Central Web - 26" x 6.7" / 66cm x 17cm


Nexus Chandelier: The Art of Modern Illumination

Step into the future of lighting design with the Nexus Chandelier. This captivating statement piece boasts a geometric network structure that softly diffuses light, creating a stunningly modern ambiance. Unlike traditional chandeliers, the Nexus features a sleek, linear design that hangs suspended from the ceiling by a cable. Available in a range of diameters to suit your space, the Nexus is a guaranteed conversation starter.


  • Modern geometric design adds a touch of artistic flair to any room
  • Glare-free ambient light creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere
  • Effortless installation with all mounting hardware included
  • Experience the versatility of Trichromatic light with 3 color options: white, warm white, and neutral
  • Built-in, life-proof LEDs provide exceptional longevity (over 100,000 hours)
  • High-quality wrought iron construction ensures lasting durability
  • Universal 90-260V LED compatibility for consistent, bright illumination


  • Choose from a variety of diameters to perfectly complement your space: 26" (66 cm), 31.5" (80 cm), 33.5" (86 cm), or 34" (88 cm)
  • Height: 6.7" (17 cm)