Buy Nar Ceiling Light

Sale price$67.95

Body Color & Size: A-Gold-9.8" x 2.3" / 25cm x 6cm

Body Color & Size

Emitting Color: Warm white (3000K)

Emitting Color

Dazzle Your Space with Captivating Glow

Illuminate your home with the Nar Ceiling Light! This contemporary fixture combines modern LED technology with a crystal lampshade, providing an inviting glow for any entrance. With Nar, you can achieve both style and a distinct atmosphere in one bold move – perfect for those who embrace challenge and adventure. Let the bold light of Nar Ceiling Light shine and transform your space!


  • Elegant Design: Stylish fixtures featuring a crystal lampshade for an elegant aesthetic.
  • Versatile Shapes: Available in both round and square shapes to suit various design preferences.
  • Welcoming Ambiance: Ideal for creating a welcoming and well-lit ambiance in residential spaces.
  • Contemporary Appeal: Contemporary design that complements modern interior decor.
  • Suitable for Various Spaces: Suitable for a variety of spaces, including hallways, foyers, and entryways.
  • Long-lasting Performance: Enjoy an impressive 50,000 hours of life for enduring illumination.
  • Efficient Illumination: 19-23W, 90-260V LED technology provides bright and evenly distributed light.

How to Operate:

  1. Easy Installation: Mount it from the ceiling or alternatively, screw it onto the wall with the included brackets.
  2. Effortless Activation: Simply plug into any electrical socket to turn it on.


  • 9.8" x 2.3" / 25 cm x 6 cm