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Size: 35.4" x 9.8" / 90cm x 25cm


Lampshade Color: Cool White (4000K)

Lampshade Color

Muzala Pendant Light: Crafting Light, Polygonal Delight

Illuminate your space with the Muzala Pendant Light, a fusion of modern craftsmanship and polygonal allure. Crafted with precision, this fixture boasts a captivating polygonal shape and clean lines, offering a sophisticated touch to any room. Whether it's your cozy bedroom, vibrant living room, intimate dining area, or chic cafe, this pendant light elevates your ambiance with its luxurious design.


  • Modern Aesthetics, Timeless Design: Seamlessly blends contemporary elegance with enduring style.
  • Efficient Illumination: Delivers brilliant light while conserving energy, ensuring a luminous yet eco-conscious environment.
  • Distinctive Polygonal Design: Adds an eye-catching element to your decor, captivating attention with its unique form.
  • Minimalist Sophistication: Enhances your space with a refined, minimalist look, creating a striking focal point.
  • Long-lasting Brilliance: Equipped with LEDs boasting an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, offering enduring radiance.
  • Versatile Lighting: Operates on a versatile 90-260V range, providing uniform and radiant lighting in any setting.

How to Operate:

  1. Hang it from your ceiling, effortlessly transforming any space like a traditional chandelier.
  2. Install the mounting bracket onto the electrical box, ensuring secure and stable placement.
  3. Utilize the included junction box for seamless mounting, facilitating easy installation.


  • 35.4" x 9.8" / 90cm x 25cm
  • 43.3" x 9.8" / 110cm x 25cm

Craft your space with light and finesse. Experience the Muzala Pendant Light – where crafting light meets polygonal delight.