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Emitting Color: With Remote

Emitting Color

Style: Irregular - Black - 16.5" x 3.6" / 42cm x 9.1cm - 27W


Illuminate Your Space with Miray Ceiling Light

Elevate your interior decor with the captivating glow of our Miray Ceiling Light. This ultra-modern fixture seamlessly merges sleek design with cutting-edge LED technology, offering a perfect blend of style and innovation. Crafted with a sturdy aluminum frame and a white acrylic diffuser, Miray casts a soft and inviting illumination that transforms any room into a haven of modern elegance. Whether it's a formal soirée or a cozy family dinner, this lamp adds a touch of sophistication to every occasion. Available in various forms and sizes, Miray is the ideal complement to contemporary homes seeking both fashion and functionality.


  • Fashionable, warm, and vivacious illumination
  • High-quality aluminum lamp body for durability
  • Frosted acrylic diffuser minimizes glare and emits soft, ambient light
  • Long-lasting LEDs with 50,000 hours of operational life
  • Energy-saving LED light with two different modes (white and trichromatic light)
  • Remote control for convenient color adjustments, dimming, and power control
  • 90-260V LED ensures even and bright lightingAmazing Miray Ceiling Light

How to Operate:

  1. Easily mount it from the ceiling for a seamless installation
  2. Alternatively, use the included brackets to affix it to the wall
  3. Plug into any electrical socket to instantly illuminate your spaceAwesome Miray Ceiling Light


  • Irregular: 16.5" x 3.6" / 42cm x 9.1cm
  • Irregular: 20.5" x 3.6" / 52cm x 9.1cm
  • Round: 11.8" x 3.9" / 30cm x 9.1cm
  • Square: 15.7" x 3.9" / 40cm x 9.1cm
  • Square: 23.6" x 3.9" / 60cm x 9.1cm
  • Round: 23.6" x 3.9" / 60cm x 9.1cm