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Glass Color: Clear

Glass Color

Size: Small


Style: A - Gray - 5.5" x 9.0" / 14cm x 23cm


Mabel Pendant Light: Infusing Vintage Elegance into Every Space

Elevate your dining rooms and restaurants with the timeless allure of the Mabel Pendant Light. Crafted to infuse vintage charm into any setting, this exquisite lamp is a beacon of sophistication, designed to enhance your interior with its captivating glow. Made from premium glass stone, Mabel promises not only elegance but also enduring durability. Whether illuminating intimate dinners at home or adding a cozy ambiance to restaurant settings, Mabel is your ticket to unparalleled style and warmth.


  • Versatile mounting options for ceiling or wall placement, offering soft and inviting lighting.
  • Delivers a vintage aesthetic, blending glamour and uniqueness effortlessly.
  • Resistant to temperature changes and fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty.
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant for enduring durability in any environment.
  • Illuminates with LED technology boasting 50,000 hours of operating life.
  • Operates at 90 - 260 volts, providing even and bright lighting for any space.

How to Operate:

  1. Hang from the ceiling as a classic chandelier or mount it on the wall using the included brackets.
  2. Simply plug into any electrical socket to enjoy its enchanting glow.


  • 5.5" x 9.0" / 14cm x 23cm
  • 7.2" x 9.0" / 18.5cm x 23cm
  • 7.8" x 8.2" / 20cm x 21cm
  • 7.8" x 10.2" / 20cm x 26cm
  • 7.8" x 9.8" / 20cm x 25cm