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Plug Type: US Plug

Plug Type

Lampshade Color & Size: Black - 11.0" x 52.3" / 28cm x 133cm - 30W

Lampshade Color & Size

Body Color: Warm White (3000K)

Body Color

Lucius Spiral Floor Lamp: Illuminating Elegance

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and artistic allure with the Lucius Spiral Floor Lamp. More than just a source of light, it's a masterpiece crafted to infuse your space with comfort and style. The unique spiral-shaped body of this lamp adds a captivating touch, transforming any room into a work of art. Whether you're seeking cozy evenings or a crisp, refreshing ambiance, the soft glow of Lucius allows you to curate the perfect atmosphere for any mood or occasion.


  • Soft and non-glaring light for comfortable illumination.
  • Crafted for lifetime durability with a sturdy glass and metal construction.
  • Energy-saving LED lights, offering three different light modes (cold white, warm white, and adjustable color options).
  • Equipped with 30W and 110-220V LEDs for even and bright lighting.

How to Operate:

  1. Place it on any flat surface.
  2. Plug into any electrical socket.
  3. Use the switch to turn it on and select your preferred lighting mode.


  • 11.0" x 52.3" / 28cm x 133cm

Elevate your space with the Lucius Spiral Floor Lamp, where functionality meets artistic allure.