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Size: 13.8" / 35cm


A Chandelier That Is Lavish, Practical, and Looks Great in Sophisticated Settings

The Luce Chandelier is evocative of science fiction black holes and portals. Featuring a steel frame and a micro-woven fabric diffuser, it contains several single LED lights spread across the fabric's surface, creating the appearance of infinity. With 360° movement on the Y axis and 350° movement around the X axis, Luce produces a stunning kaleidoscope of light rays. This sparkling chandelier is perfect for contemporary elegance, allowing you to pair several units to create distinctive accent pieces.


  • Sturdy Steel Structure: Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.
  • Micro-Woven Fabric Diffuser: Exceptional light-diffusing qualities create a unique, sparkling effect.
  • Modern and Versatile Feel: Adds contemporary elegance to any space.
  • Temperature and Fade-Resistant: Designed for long-term use without fading or temperature issues.
  • Sleek and Simple Style: Effortlessly combines modern design with practical functionality.
  • Long-Lasting LEDs: 50,000 hours of operating life for reliable, bright lighting.
  • Wide Voltage Range: 90-260V LED for consistent and bright illumination.

How to Operate

  1. Mounting: Hang it from the ceiling like a chandelier, or alternatively, screw it onto the wall with the included brackets.
  2. Installation: Includes a junction box for easy installation.
  3. Adjustable Angles: Utilize the 360° movement on the Y axis and 350° movement on the X axis to achieve the perfect lighting angle.


  • Small: 13.8" / 35cm
  • Medium: 19.7" / 50cm
  • Large: 23.6" / 60cm