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Sale price$37.57

Size: 2.3" x 5.2" / 6cm x 13cm


Color: Light Blue

The Jude Table Lamp - Vintage Elegance Illuminated

 Illuminate your space with the timeless charm of the Jude Table Lamp. Designed to evoke the allure of vintage lamp posts, this rechargeable and portable lamp brings an artistic retro vibe to any room. Emitting a soft, diffused light, the Jude Lamp transforms your surroundings into a sanctuary of elegance and style. Whether as a desk centerpiece, study companion, or soothing nightlight, the Jude Lamp adds a touch of sophistication to your home decor.


  • Battery-operated and USB-chargeable for convenience
  • Long-lasting battery capacity of 400mAH
  • Temperature and fade-resistant design ensures durability
  • Non-slip bottom provides stability on any surface
  • Three color temperature options: warm, white, and natural light
  • LEDs with an impressive 50,000 hours of operating life
  • Even and bright lighting with 2W & 5V LED technology

How to Operate:

  1. Place the lamp on any surface like a desk or shelf.
  2. Recharge effortlessly using the included USB cable.
  3. Tap on the switch to activate and adjust the brightness settings to your preference.


  • Size: 2.3" x 5.2" / 6cm x 13cm

Revitalize your space with the Jude Table Lamp and let its vintage elegance cast a warm glow over