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Style: A - 47.2" / 120cm - 40W


Jenish Pendant Light: Where Innovation Meets Opulence

 Illuminate your space with the epitome of luxury and modern sophistication - the Jenish Pendant Light. This stunning statement piece seamlessly blends contemporary design with timeless elegance, boasting a lavish gold finish that exudes opulence. Adorned with sparkling crystals, it creates a mesmerizing interplay of light, transforming any room into a captivating sanctuary. Elevate your décor with this exquisite pendant light and bask in its radiant glow.


  • Elevate your home with a touch of luxury and modern sophistication
  • Effortless installation with all mounting accessories included
  • Customize hanging height effortlessly with adjustable wire for the perfect look
  • Crafted with high-quality materials for impressive longevity and durability
  • Designed to last over 50,000 hours, ensuring lasting elegance
  • Experience even and bright lighting with 110-220V LED technology

How to Operate:

  1. Hang from the ceiling like any chandelier.
  2. Install the mounting bracket to the electrical box.
  3. Includes junction box for easy mounting.


  • A: 47.2" / 120cm
  • B: 47.2" / 120cm
  • C: 39.4" / 100cm
  • D: 7.9" / 20cm