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Body Color: 1 Ring - 15.7" / 40cm -24W

Body Color

Emitting Color: Warm White (3000K)

Emitting Color

Color: Black

Halo LED Chandelier - Illuminate Your Home with Modern Elegance

Elevate your living space with the Halo LED Chandelier, a stunning blend of contemporary design and innovative lighting technology. Crafted with high-quality aluminum and featuring an integrated LED ring-shaped lampshade, the Halo radiates light at an 80° angle, offering both functionality and style. With its height-adjustable design and four different light modes, including a trichromatic option for customizable color, the Halo provides the perfect lighting solution for any occasion. Whether you're illuminating an entire room or highlighting a specific area, this chandelier offers a smart and trendy way to brighten up your home.


  • Handcrafted with premium aluminum and integrated LEDs for long-lasting durability
  • Easily mounts to any ceiling for hassle-free installation
  • Adjustable hanging wire allows for flexibility in height, catering to various room sizes and preferences
  • Energy-saving LED light available in four different modes: white, warm, neutral, and trichromatic, offering versatile lighting options
  • LEDs boast an impressive 50,000 hours of operating life, ensuring years of reliable performance


  • 1 Ring: 15.7" / 40cm
  • 1 Ring: 23.6" / 60cm
  • 1 Ring: 31.5" / 80cm
  • 2 Rings: 15.7" + 23.6" / 40cm + 60cm
  • 2 Rings: 23.6" + 31.5" / 60cm + 80cm
  • 3 Rings: 15.7" + 23.6" + 31.5" / 40cm + 60cm + 80cm