Buy Gratian Linear Chandelier

Sale price$1,240.27

Size: 37" x 2.9" / 94cm x 7.5cm - 38W


Emitting Color: Trichromatic (No Remote 3000K/4000k/6000)

Emitting Color

Gratian Chandelier - Exquisite Elegance for Every Space

Elevate the ambiance of any room with the Gratian Chandelier, a symbol of opulent elegance and unmatched craftsmanship. This stunning chandelier features a contemporary design adorned with crystal embellishments, adding a touch of grandeur to your living space, bedroom, or kitchen. With its upscale appearance, the Gratian Chandelier instantly transforms any area into a refined and exclusive sanctuary, making it the perfect addition to your interior decor.


  • Easily mountable on any ceiling or surface, allowing you to enjoy gentle and elegant lighting.
  • Provides your home with a contemporary and adaptable ambiance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space.
  • Complements a wide variety of environments, from homes and offices to foyers and restaurants, adding a touch of sophistication wherever it's placed.
  • Color-adjustable LEDs controlled by a remote, providing convenient and customizable lighting options to suit your preferences.
  • Adjustable hanging height with the 1.2m adjustable chain, allowing you to customize the chandelier's position to your liking.
  • LEDs boast an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan, ensuring long-lasting and reliable illumination.
  • 90 - 260V LED lights deliver uniform and radiant illumination, creating a captivating ambiance in any room.

How to Operate:

  1. Hang it from a ceiling like a traditional chandelier for a classic and elegant look.
  2. Alternatively, screw it onto the wall using the included brackets, offering versatile installation options to suit your space.
  3. Simply plug the chandelier into any electrical socket to turn it on and bask in its exquisite illumination.


  • Small: 31.4" + 20.8" / 80cm + 50cm
  • Large: 39" + 25.5" / 100cm + 65cm