Buy Glossy Macaron Table Lamp

Sale price$152.75

Color: A - White
Size: 7.1" x 11" / 18cm x 28cm


Radiant Glow: Glossy Macaron Table Lamp

Illuminate your space with the vibrant Glossy Macaron Table Lamp, a stunning fusion of flair and minimalist design. Crafted with a spectacular glass lampshade atop a sleek chromed metal body, this lamp emanates a gorgeous, delicate glow that enlivens any room it graces. More than just a source of light, the Glossy Macaron is a true work of art, adding a playful yet sophisticated touch to your decor. Whether adorning a desk, nightstand, or bedside table, its presence is sure to captivate and elevate your space.


  • Soft and non-glaring light: Creates a warm and inviting ambiance
  • Lifetime durability: Constructed with sturdy glass and metal for lasting quality
  • Versatile placement: Perfect for any shelf or surface, adding a touch of elegance wherever it's placed
  • Trichromatic LED light: Offers a spectrum of colors for customizable illumination
  • Long-lasting LEDs: With 50,000 hours of operating life, providing reliable and energy-efficient lighting
  • Wide voltage range: Compatible with 90-260V, ensuring even and bright illumination in any environment

How to Operate:

  1. Simply place it like any vase or table lamp for instant elegance.
  2. Plug into any electrical socket for convenient power access.
  3. Use the switch to effortlessly turn on the radiant glow of your Glossy Macaron Table Lamp.


  • Height: 7.1" (18cm)
  • Diameter: 11" (28cm)

Let the Glossy Macaron Table Lamp infuse your space with its captivating charm and luminous allure.