Buy Blanche Wall Light - Blue

Sale price$455.00

Style: 1 Light - 4.3" x 13.3" / 11cm x 34cm


Emitting Color: Warm White (3000K)

Emitting Color

Blanche Vintage Ceramic Wall Lamp

 Enhance your space with the elegant vintage-inspired charm of the Blanche Wall Lamp. Crafted with European-style ceramic, this exquisite light fixture brings timeless sophistication to any room it graces. Whether illuminating your living room, bedroom, or adorning the walls of a luxurious villa or duplex floor, the Blanche Wall Lamp captivates with its retro allure and enchanting aura.


  • Showcases timeless Vintage elegance, transforming your space into a stunning sanctuary that withstands the test of time.
  • Adds a touch of timeless luxury to your decor, blending seamlessly with both modern and traditional settings.
  • Versatile choice suitable for various spaces including living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.
  • LED bulbs offer three different light colors (Warm, Cool, and neutral light) to suit your ambiance preferences.
  • Meticulously crafted with high-quality metal and ceramic for durability and long-lasting beauty.
  • Boasts an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, ensuring years of radiant illumination.
  • Features 90-260V LEDs for bright and radiant lighting, enhancing every corner of your room.

How to Operate:

  • Hang it from the ceiling like a chandelier to create a captivating focal point.
  • Install the mounting bracket to the electrical box for secure placement.
  • Includes a junction box for easy and convenient mounting.


  • 1 Light: 4.3" x 13.3" / 11cm x 34cm
  • 2 Lights: 13.7" x 13.3" / 35cm x 34cm

Transform your space with the Blanche Vintage Ceramic Wall Lamp and immerse yourself in timeless elegance and charm.