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Body Color & Size: 1 Light - Gold - 19.2" x 16.1" / 49cm x 41cm

Body Color & Size

Size: With 220V-ST64 Bulb


Bird Cage Chandelier - Vintage Elegance for Timeless Charm

Infuse your living space with classic captivating elegance using our Bird Cage Chandelier. This stunning chandelier combines vintage charm with modern functionality to enhance your home decor. Featuring a unique birdcage motif and a garland hanging lamp, this chandelier adds a touch of garden-inspired beauty to any room, creating a warm and cozy ambiance that welcomes you home.

Elevate your interior design with the timeless allure of this elegant and functional piece, perfect for restaurants, bars, living rooms, and more. Meticulously crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, the Bird Cage Chandelier displays timeless elegance while effortlessly complementing both modern and traditional settings.


  1. Timeless elegance and vintage allure infuse your decor with classic charm.
  2. Versatile option suitable for both modern and traditional settings.
  3. Adjustable wire (70cm) allows for customizable height preferences.
  4. Meticulously crafted details using high-quality materials ensure durability.
  5. High-quality ST64 bulb screw base provides reliable and long-lasting illumination.
  6. Suitable for a variety of spaces, including living rooms, dining rooms, and cafes.
  7. Offers 50,000 hours of continuous illumination powered by 90-260V LEDs for bright and luminous light.

How to Operate:

  1. Hang it from the ceiling using the included mounting bracket.
  2. Install the mounting bracket to the electrical box for secure placement.
  3. Includes junction box for easy and hassle-free mounting.


  • 1 Light: 19.2" x 16.1" / 49cm x 41cm
  • 2 Lights: 25.5" x 16.1" / 65cm x 41cm
  • 3 Lights: 33.4" x 16.1" / 85cm x 41cm
  • 4 Lights: 41.3" x 16.1" / 105cm x 41cm
  • Style B: 24.8" x 8.6" / 63cm x 22cm