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Style: 1 Head - 6.7" x 18.9" / 17cm x 48cm


Emitting Color: Warm White (3000K)

Emitting Color

Beulah Table Lamp: A Timeless Elegance Illuminated

Illuminate your home with the captivating beauty of the Beulah Table Lamp. This stunning statement piece seamlessly merges timeless charm with modern elegance, creating an ambiance that enchants and inspires. Crafted with meticulous detail, its oxidized metal body and delicate rose adornments exude vintage allure, while the flower-shaped glass lampshade emits an ethereal glow reminiscent of a blooming garden. Perfect for any bedroom or living room, this lamp elevates your space with sophistication and character, making it a must-have addition to your décor.


  • Effortlessly blends elegance and charm to illuminate your space with sophistication
  • Crafted with precision to captivate and inspire
  • Features an enchanting oxidized finish, adding antique allure and character to any room
  • Flower-shaped glass lampshade emits a soft, ethereal glow reminiscent of a blooming garden
  • Perfect for bedside tables or living room adornment, elevating your décor to new heights
  • Ideal for gifting, allowing you to share its timeless design and elegance with loved ones
  • LEDs with 50,000 hours of operating life
  • 90-260 volt LEDs for even and bright lighting

How to Operate:

  • Place it like any vase or table lamp
  • Plug into any electrical socket
  • Use the switch to turn it on


  • 1 Head: 6.7" x 18.9" / 17cm x 48cm
  • 2 Heads: 6.7" x 18.9" / 17cm x 48cm

Illuminate your space with the timeless elegance of the Beulah Table Lamp and let its beauty shine bright in your home.