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Style: White - 31.5" / 80cm - 30W


Emitting Color: Neutral light 4000K

Emitting Color

Avery Pendant Light - Effortless Elegance for Your Space

 Transform your space with effortless elegance and contemporary radiance using the Avery Pendant Light. This stunning lighting solution effortlessly combines sleek design with minimalist elegance, creating a sophisticated ambiance in any setting. Whether adorning your living room, dining area, or office space, the Avery Pendant Light is sure to captivate with its timeless appeal.


  • Exquisite, streamlined, and minimalist design for a modern aesthetic.
  • Versatile, ensuring a seamless fit for any setting, be it residential or commercial.
  • Available in classic black and white finishes, adding a touch of timeless elegance.
  • Long-lasting light source with a life of 50,000 hours, providing extended enjoyment.
  • Crafted with precision from premium materials including aluminum, iron, and a silicone lamp shade.
  • Offers warm white, cold white, and white light options to suit your preferred ambiance.
  • 90-260V LED's emit a lovely bright and clear light, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

How to Operate:

  1. Hang it from a ceiling like a chandelier for a stunning centerpiece.
  2. Alternatively, screw it onto the wall with the included brackets for unique wall lighting.
  3. Simply plug it into any electrical socket to effortlessly turn it on and illuminate your space.


  • 31.5" / 80cm
  • 39.4" / 100cm
  • 47.2" / 120cm
  • 59.1" / 150cm

Illuminate your space with the Avery Pendant Light and experience the perfect blend of

contemporary sophistication and effortless elegance.