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Emitting Color: Warm Light (3000K0

Emitting Color

Color: Gold
Style: 1 Wave - Small - 39.4" x 15" / 100cm x 38cm - 40W


Illuminate Your Space with Aurora Chandelier: The Perfect Feature for Transforming Any Setting

Elevate your space to new heights of luxury with the Aurora Chandelier. This exquisite lighting fixture seamlessly blends modern sophistication with timeless elegance, creating a captivating centerpiece for any room. Crafted with a spiral stainless steel body finished in classic gold-plating and adorned with sparkling crystals, the Aurora Chandelier exudes opulence and refinement. Indirectly illuminated by energy-efficient LEDs, it casts a soft, enchanting glow that enhances the ambiance of any environment. Whether suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall, Aurora adds a touch of modern, exotic flair to your home decor.


  • Versatile Mounting: Easily mount to any ceiling or surface for seamless integration into your space.
  • Modern Elegance: Give your home a contemporary and versatile aesthetic with the Aurora Chandelier.
  • Durable Design: Temperature and fade-resistant construction ensures long-lasting beauty.
  • Adjustable Height: The 1.5m adjustable wire allows you to customize the hanging height to suit your space.
  • Energy-Efficient LEDs: Enjoy energy-saving illumination with four different light modes (white, warm, neutral, and trichromatic) to suit any mood or occasion.
  • Dimmable Function: Control brightness remotely with the dimmable light function for personalized ambiance.
  • Longevity: LEDs boast an impressive 50,000 hours of operating life for lasting performance.
  • Even Lighting: Equipped with 90-260V LEDs for consistent and bright illumination.

How to Operate:

  1. Hang it from the ceiling using the provided hardware.
  2. Alternatively, mount it onto the wall with the included brackets.
  3. Simply plug into any electrical socket to illuminate your space.


  • 1 Wave - Small: 39.4" x 15" / 100cm x 38cm
  • 1 Wave - Medium: 47.2" x 15" / 120cm x 38cm
  • 1 Wave - Large: 59.1" x 15" / 150cm x 38cm
  • 2 Waves - Small: 39.4" x 15" / 100cm x 38cm
  • 2 Waves - Medium: 47.2" x 15" / 120cm x 38cm
  • 2 Waves - Large: 59.1" x 15" / 150cm x 38cm

Illuminate your space with Aurora Chandelier and let its captivating beauty transform any setting into an exquisite masterpiece of design and ambiance.