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Sale price$109.22

Style: 1 Head - Clear Lampshade - 9.1" x 11.4" / 23cm x 29cm - 5W


Voltage: 110V-220V


Aurelie Wall Lamp - The Epitome of Elegance and Beauty

 Illuminate your space with the Aurelie Wall Lamp, a symbol of sophistication and refinement. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite art deco lamp boasts a spherical iron body finished in luxurious gold, complemented by a textured glass shade suspended gracefully from a metal arm. Elevate the ambiance of your living room, hallway, or bedside with the timeless allure of Aurelie, available in a variety of styles to harmonize effortlessly with your decor.


  • Meticulously crafted from durable iron and textured glass
  • Resistant to corrosion and scratches, ensuring lasting beauty
  • Radiates warmth and vivacity, adding a touch of glamour to any room
  • Effortless installation with smooth surface to prevent wall scratches
  • Long-lasting LEDs with an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan for consistent illumination
  • Versatile 90-260V LEDs provide even lighting for an extended duration

How to Operate:

  1. Securely attach the lamp to the wall using the provided brackets
  2. Connect wires to your main electrical supply (exercise caution)
  3. Activate the electrical socket to illuminate your space with elegance


  • Single Head: 9.1" x 11.4" / 23cm x 29cm
  • Double Heads: 11.4" x 21.7" / 29cm x 55cm
  • Triple Heads: 11.4" x 37.4" / 29cm x 95cm

Experience the epitome of sophistication with Aurelie Wall Lamp, where elegance meets functionality in a timeless design.