Top Pendant Light Designs to Elevate Your Kitchen Decor

Top Pendant Light Designs to Elevate Your Kitchen Decor

Although the phrase pendant lighting collection may bring to mind a wordy photo tutorial, we encourage you to explore the image references in this review; Pendant lights are an essential elements in human home for decoration and task lighting. The last thing to remember is that when you choose the right pendant light fixture, you kitchen can be transformed from a basic workspace into an elegant and welcoming hub.

Some Best Pendant Light Presented Pendants To Elevate Your Kitchen Decor.

Industrial Pendant Lights


Metal Wrought Iron: iron and brass are examples of this type of materials.

Style: Naked beams, Metal cages,and functional design.

Colors: Usually in matte black, brushed nickel, or bronzeacios


Long Life: Industrials materials last long.

Adaptable: Suits many kitchen styles, from modern to traditional.

News: Pieces that command attention a visual notice.


Open metal cage pendants: Exposing the bulb, open cage designs add industrial flare.

Factory-Style Pendants: These are designed to emulate the appearance of older factory lights, complete with a large metal shade and chain suspension.

Industrial Pendant Lighting: The industrial pendant lights are raw yet stylish and great for drawing the eye to a specific area in your kitchen, most often over islands or dining areas.

Glass Pendant Lights


Construction: glass Clear, frosted, or colored glass shades.

Design: From plain to intricate design, bell shape, globe, teardrop shape.

Here are a few important things to consider:

Light Diffusion: Glass shades excel in the light diffusion.


Glass shades: help to distribute the light while working with a smaller bulb, thereby increased the brightness of the kitchen.

Transparency: Glass lampshades if clear can provide the illusion that there is more space to work around.


Globe Pendants: If you are going for a sleek design, these round, glass shades will be perfect for you.

The Classic Bell-Shaped Pendants: A design suitable for traditional or farmhouse kitchens.

Vintage Pendant Lights


Materials: Brass, Copper, Aged metal.

Style: Timeless styles with some finer details, paying homage to the designs of the very early 20th century

Color: Warm metal finishes such as brass, copper, and etc.


Add a bit of nostalgia and charm with this character in the kitchen.

Warmth: Warm metal finishes conjure up feelings of homeliness and resort and comfort.

Detail: Dainty designs and traditional shapes add character centration.


Schoolhouse Pendants: Simple shapes, white opal glass that is reminiscent of early schoolhouse lighting.

Copper Pendants: Its colors include copper tones that overtime gain patina naturally.

Contemporary Pendant Lights


Key Sensibilities: Sleek metals, acrylics, modern composites.

Material: Exaggerated shapes, unusual geometry, and strange, innovative designs.
The positive: an abundance of neutral, metallic, and accented by the bold

Ingredients: Colour: Neutral, metals and caps on honorable opponents.


Modern Look: Goes with modern / minimalistic kitchens.

Innovative: sometime features the new lighting equipment.

Practical in Many Locations: Purpose and Design


Geometric Pendants: The appearance of lines and geometric shapes which make them seem very architectural and modern.

Benefits of Contemporary Pendants

Highly approved these contemporary pendant lights are the best for home owners who are looking to decorate their kitchen and make it as innovative as possible by adding fancy lights to it and make the place look more beautiful and modern.

Farmhouse Pendant Lights


Materials: Often wood and metal with rustic finishes.

Design: Simple and utilitarian, sometimes with a slight rustic or vintage touch

Copper: The Color and Its Living Finish Copper Finishes You Will See in 2019×

Why Go for Handmade Pendants?

Source: Aurora Artisanal pendant lights for the Homeowner: Interested in a unique, handcrafted piece that offers a personal as well as an artistic contribution to their kitchen décor.


The right pendant light must be a combination of the functional needs of the kitchen as well as good looks. Ranging from the rugged elegance of industrial pendants, the sleek sophistication of contemporary designs and the nostalgic charm of traditional pendants, every style of pendant light offers something great for your kitchen decor. Simply by choosing the right pendant lighting you will be able to create a wonderful bright kitchen to reflect your personal taste and the ambiance of your home.

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