Creative Lighting Ideas for Small Spaces

Creative Lighting Ideas for Small Spaces

Small space, big lighting determines the success of making a small room look bigger and warmer. But smart lighting can completely transform cramped quarters, giving depth, warmth, personality and charm in spades. New ideas can be lightened up from these old ways of thinking! Here are six brilliant lighting ideas for small spaces to make them bigger, more functional and better all-round.

Use Multi-Functional Lighting Fixtures Adjustable

When choosing a fixture, look for one that can be used in several ways. For example, a chandelier with adjustable arms can be made to concentrate light on different parts of the room: over the dinner table, reading nook or even work space.

In- Lighting Furniture: Choose furniture that carries its own light source. Beds with built-in LED reading lights or barstools made out of mirror-backed wood not only save space, they also add value.

Wall-Mounted Lights Are Fashionable And Energy Efficient Wall Sconces:

They replace bedside lights and also save on floor and table space. Wall sconces can easily double as hall lighting.

Swing Arm Lamps: These can be used to good effect at reading corners or on desks. They give off focused, gentle light that doesn't take up room.

Light Worktops And Shelved Areas

Under Cabinets Kitchen: Put LED strips or puck lights underneath kitchen cabinets- not only do they provide task lighting, they create a sense of space.

Shelving: Illuminate the underbellies of shelves to set off ornaments and give a glowing backdrop that projects the room's warmth into more open spaces.

Choose Slim And Unassuming Fixtures

Recessed Lighting: These lights are installed in the ceiling, so they provide good illumination without eating up imaginative space. They're particularly good for low ceilings.

Track Lights: Track lights are flexible for any situation. Choose slim-line lighting tracks to blend seamlessly with ceilings.

Maximise Natural Light Mirrors: Brown's older but first cousin is even more shy than! In a large enough space, you might look at using furniture of mirror-finished material as a way to both brighten and enlarge the sense given off by this living area.

Curtains: Luxurious materials like this can block the sun out while still letting warm air filter in.

Dining Spaces Under Pendant Lights

In the dining room, the light level and quality is absolutely crucial. Dangling lights for dining areas can ratchet up a fantastic atmosphere!

Corners: Instead of returning to the room lighting plan, pendant lights in corners can produce dramatic effects and draw the gaze up – making the room look taller.

Layer your lumens

Ambient Lighting: Start with a major light source that distributes a general pool of light throughout the whole room.

Floor Lamps for Task Lighting: Add task lighting where a particular task is performed. For example, to read one would use a reading lamp which could be stand or wall mounted.

Accent lighting: Use accent lights wherever artwork, plants or textures are found in the room. This can help give the small space depth and interest, breaking up its cavernous feel.

Play with Color and Temperature

Warm White: In living rooms and bedrooms, warm white (2700-3000K) will give that cuddling-up-on-the-sofa-in-front-of-a-roaring-log-fire relaxed feeling.

For a workspace or kitchen, a cooler white is best (3500K-5000K) to increase contrast and overall visibility.

Change the color of warm white or cool white by using RGB LEDs in your space, depending on whether it is day or night, or any number of in-between moods. This is sure to add interest and humor.

Vertical Spaces Seek Light

Use floor lamps or sconces with upward directed beams to accentuate the height of a room for increased spaciousness.

Tall and Slim Fixtures: Pick a tall, slim device as the source of your illumination this way your eye will be drawn higher up, making it seem more spacious.

Intelligent Lighting Solutions

For smart bulbs, could be controlled by an app or voice controls light bulbs in the home. According to different needs and for various times of day, brightness and color hue can be adjusted as well as schedules that suit your own schedule.

Smart Plugs: Use smart plugs to convert your existing lamps and fixtures so that the power of control is remote. And all this without worrying about replacing bulbs.

Use transparent and reflective materials

Glass Fixtures: Installing glass light fixtures or having lamp shades which are transparent can avoid blocking sight lines, allow light to spread evenly throughout the room.

Reflective Surfaces: By putting up metallic or shiny finishes on your lighting fixtures, you can use them as mirrors to reflect light and give the place an expansive feel.

Concealed Cove Lighting: LED strips installed in the ceiling coves can give off a soft, indirect light that makes the ceiling seem higher and the room more spacious.

Toe-Kick Lighting: Stick LED strips to the bottom of cabinets or under furniture, give everything a feeling that it floats and provide gentle lighting.

Compact and Portable Lightings Clip-On Lamps: When you need some light in a particular spot and space is tight, use clip-on lamps. Attach them to shelves, headboards, desks wherever.

Portable LED Lights:

With battery operation and no need for wires, these lights can go anywhere you like. Flexible lighting solutions in small spaces.

Pendant Lights and Statement Pieces: In a small space, a well-chosen pendant light or statement lighting fixture can act as both the functional light source and also an artwork giving character and focus to the room.

Lighting Art: Neon signs, LED canvas prints and light-including wall art are ways to give your space a unique touch, be it whimsical or expressive.


Summary Creative Lighting can significantly enhance small spaces, making them feel larger, more usable, and more inviting. By strategical layering different types of light, bringing in smart and energy efficient options, and choosing fixtures that offer both style and function, even the smallest rooms can become well lit and beautiful places to be!

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